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The Top Portable Chicken Coops

Colonial Gable Run Chicken Coop

Our Colonial Gable Chicken Coop with wheels is made for easy movability throughout your yard. Its internal coop is 4’x4’, includes a nest box area, a roost, and an outdoor run area that allows your flock to forage during the daytime. We also offer a model without a run, which is perfect for those with large backyards that free range their chickens.

Small Portable Chicken Coop Kits

Atlanta City Chicken Coop Kit

The Atlanta City chicken coop kit, 30”x83”, has wheels, a nest box, and is a great beginner option. It’s easy to assemble, and is ideal for 2-3 hens.

Berlin City Chicken Coop Kit

As with the other chicken coops in this list, the Berlin City coop kit features wheels and is easily maneuverable with the attached handle. The coop is ideal for small backyard chicken keepers and is a great beginner coop.

Corn Row Chicken Coop Kit

The Corn Row chicken coop kit is ideal for a few chickens and goes perfectly with a small, urban garden. It can be easily moved throughout the garden to allow chickens to manage garden pests while at the same time preventing them from spoiling vegetables.

Corn Row Chicken Coop

DIY Portable Chicken Coop Plans

Looking for a cheaper chicken coop option? Check out these from scratch, DIY plans...

Little Egg Factory Chicken Coop Tractor

We love this chicken coop from BackyardChickens’ user BGeezie. Easily accessible nest boxes and roosts on top, foraging on the bottom, the coop is built for a backyard. It also has a nice handle and wheels for portability. We love how BGeezie stained the final product - it looks awesome! Users estimate that the total cost comes in around $250. Check out the full plans here.

Little Egg Factory

The Chickshaw

First of all, this coop wins the best-named-coop of the year award! Justin over at Abundance Permaculture came up with this brilliant design, and has laid out the construction process in amazing detail.

Chickshaw Chicken Coop