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The Best Chicken Coops for 4 Chickens

Looking to start your own backyard flock? 4 egg laying hens are the perfect number to get started. You're also going to want to find a cute little chicken coop that fits in your backyard.

What Size Chicken Coop Do I Need for 4 Chickens?

Experts often recommend a square footage of 2-3 feet per chicken on the interior of the coop plus 8-10 feet of outside space. More is better, though! If you're planning to have four hens, you should look for chicken coops that provide 12 feet of interior space for your flock. 

Chicken Coop Kits

Atlanta City Chicken Coop

The Atlanta City Chicken Coop by Little Cottage Co. is a perfect starter coop for a backyard chicken keeper. It's ideal for two to four chickens, though we don't recommend any more than that for this coop. It's 30 inches wide and 83 inches long, giving it a total square footage of just over 17 feet. It more easily accommodates four hens if you're able to free range the chickens during the daytime. Its wheels are also perfect for a backyard chicken keeper, allowing you to move the coop around the yard much more easily.


Berlin City Chicken Coop

The Berlin City Chicken Coop by Little Cottage Co. is another perfect beginner chicken coop. The Berlin Coop, like the Atlanta Coop, is 30"x83", resulting in a square footage of 17 feet. It also has wheels that allow to move the coop around your yard. 


DIY Chicken Coop Options

The Kerr Center Chicken Coop

The Kerr Center, based in Oklahoma, is a promoter of sustainable agriculture. They produced this DIY chicken coop plan that looks great and is relatively easy to move around your yard. 

Kerr Center Chicken Coop Side View

A Frame Chicken Coop, Ana White

We love this chicken coop plan by Ana white. She estimates that most can build it for under $100. Because the roost and nest boxes are elevated over the run area, the birds have access to a 60"x90" (around 37 square feet) outdoor area. Not to mention it looks great too!

Ana White A Frame Coop