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Breed Guide: Easter Egger

Commonly known as the “Easter Egger” chicken, the Ameraucana chicken lays blue tinted eggs! While the term Easter Egger applies to any bird that lays a blue or green tinted egg and is not recognized as a breed by the American Poultry Association, most Easter Eggers sold by hatcheries today are of the official APA breed “Ameraucana.”

The Ameraucana was developed in the 1970s from chickens from South America (most likely, Chile) of the breed Auracana. The Ameraucana has a pea comb, no wattles, and is muffed and bearded. Its legs are a deep blue-tinted black. Ameraucana hens lay around 3.6 eggs per week, or about 190 per year. 

They are typically a few pounds lighter than other birds, with hens weighing 4-5 lbs. Easter Eggers are friendly, cold hardy birds and are great for raising with young kids.

Ameraucana Hen

Here's a helpful video on Easter Egger chickens: