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Ideas to Keep Your Chickens Entertained

If you love in the cold and your chickens are cooped up (no pun intended) inside, they may start to get bored after a week or two. This boredom can lead to pecking eggs or  other chickens, which can cause serious injury. Here are some tips to avoid bored chickens 

Add Clean Bedding to your Chicken Coop 

As we mentioned earlier(LINK), chickens love to take dust baths. They do this primarily in groups, and it’s not only a hygienic activity, but also a social one. Make sure your coop has a nice layer of bedding that chickens can scratch and take dust baths in. Good choices are wood chips and sawdust. 

Add a Swing to your Chicken Coop

Believe it or not, chickens love to swing! If you haven’t seen it, check out this video that proves it. Make a swing by suspending a rod a couple of feet off the floor of your coop. 

Add Chicken Treats to your Coop

Chickens love treats, too! Here are some good options:


Hang an entire head of cabbage from the roof of your coop and let your birds peck away! It’s a healthy, easy way to keep chickens entertained for a few hours. You can also fill a treat ball with cabbage, suspending it in the air or even setting it on the ground.


Mealworms are a great choice for treats - cheap and easy! Spread them on the floor of your coop or place them in a little bowl inside. Mealworms are high in nutritional density and protein, so you need to feel guilty for spoiling your birds. Your chickens will go crazy for them!


As an alternative to feeding your chickens mealworms, you can try crickets. You can find some freeze-dried packs of crickets, which are very easy. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try live crickets. Most pet stores sell live crickets as reptile food, but you can try them in your coop, too.